i'm so gonna get dooced.

it's been three years that i've maintained the crapfest and maintained my jorb here at gaytime dot gay... it's only because the higher-ups here have no idea what the internet is, much less how to use it that i've been able to continue on, and to say whatever my cold, evil heart desires. it is with great trepidation that i continue this practice today, this time i've drawn a picture for you, so that you may better understand "a day in the life" of this particular office biatch.

backstory: i got a bit of a lecture this morning for "disrespecting" my boss, a guy who refers to HIMSELF as "big daddy" by (allegedly) implying he is "shady" in front of the new girl. i would direct you to older posts, in which i detail things like "going to multiple banks with 100,000 dollars in cash getting cashier's checks for under 10 grand" and "pocketing the money from the fake company," but i just don't have the time to find those posts right now... anywho, i never said that he was shady yesterday, but that's the way he took it. hmmm, sounds like someone's maybe got a little talking cricket on their shoulder... but, end result, i'm supposed to apologize. i love apologizing. i'll say things like "sorry you took that the wrong way," and "sorry we don't agree on this or that," and everything will go back to "normal." HAHAHA, normal. come sit with me here for a day and i'll show you "normal."

okay, now for my most recent artistic endeavor. i included some handy labels to guide you. i'm pretty sure if he ever came across this, i'd be busted. i'm now going to go home and veg out on the couch for an hour. enjoy.


i really hope you have a drawing of LuLu in the works...

i want spinners on my shoes!!
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